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What Is A Door Lock Actuator And How Does It Works

The door lock actuator is the central part of the locking system. It’s connected to an electric current and activates when you pull up or push down on the door handle. Depending on the manufacturer, door lock actuators can differ in shape, size and design. The power door actuator has solenoids that control rods and cables connected to each door latch mechanism.

The Door Actuator Is The Central Part Of The Locking System

The door actuator is the central part of the locking system. It is what locks and unlocks your doors, it makes them work, and it makes them open and close. The door lock actuator is a motor that moves when you press on your car’s remote key fob or try to open it manually with a key in your hand.

It’s a straightforward system, and the door actuator is essential to making it work. If it breaks or malfunctions, then your doors will not open.

A Door Lock Is A Mechanism That Controls The Locks On A Vehicle

The door lock is simply a motor controlled by an electronic board. It responds to the electrical current passing through it and uses that power to move rods, cables and other parts of the locking system. Each door latch mechanism has its solenoid (a type of magnet) inside of it, which pushes open or closes depending on whether current is being passed through it from its respective door lock actuator at any given time.

door lock actuatorThe most common reason for this fundamental failure is when corrosion builds up between the wires running from your vehicle’s battery to various components, such as your turn signals or headlights. When corrosion builds up around these wires, they lose conductivity—meaning current no longer passes through them effectively enough for your car’s systems to function correctly!

Depending On The Manufacturer, Door Lock Actuators Can Differ In Shape, Size, And Design

Depending on the manufacturer, door lock actuators can differ in shape, size, and design. Some are more complicated than others. Some are easier to repair than others. Some are more expensive than others.

Some door lock actuators use a motor, and others use solenoids. The motor-based ones tend to be smaller and easier to install but require an electrical connection. In contrast, the solenoid-based ones don’t need batteries or power sources as the vehicle’s battery itself powers them.

An excellent example of a simple repair would be changing out your car’s electric door lock actuator with another one that is identical or similar in size and shape, even if it doesn’t require any special tools. You could do this yourself at home without having any prior experience working on cars before! On the other hand, if you want something more advanced, like replacing worn-out cables on an older vehicle, then not so much.

The Door Lock Is Generally Connected To A Motor And Electronic Boards

To understand how a door lock works, first, you need to know what it looks like. In most cars, the door lock actuator is located under the dashboard or behind the glove compartment. The motor is usually located in the trunk or engine bay. The electronic boards are also different between car brands and can be found in the following:

  • The trunk area (e.g., Volkswagen’s old-school system)
  • Underneath the hood (e.g., Ford’s new generation of intelligent cars)
  • Inside a control panel (e.)

In some cars, the lock actuator is a simple motor that operates with electricity. The electric current flows through the wires and activates the motor to move. In other cars, an electronic board controls your car’s functions (including unlocking and locking the doors) based on signals from your key fob or remote control.

When You Push Down Or Pull Up On The Door Handle, It Activates An Electrical Switch That Activates The Door Lock

When you push down or pull up on the door handle, it activates an electrical switch that activates the door actuator. The lock actuator is connected to a motor and electronic boards, which also differ between car brands. The door lock actuator is generally related to an engine and electronic boards, which are also different between car brands.

Switches inside your vehicle’s doors control the power door lock actuators, so when you manually unlock them with this switch, it will turn on these power door locking systems automatically. The power door locking system includes a solenoid that opens when current flows through it.

It uses electromagnetic forces generated by current flowing through its coil windings (a type of inductor). It causes an armature bar inside the solenoid to move back and forth quickly until the end of its stroke, where it stops abruptly at either end due to being fitted with magnets. Thus creating what we call “snap action,” meaning both ends come together sharply while moving very fast – thus making contact with each other as soon as possible – thus allowing current flow through them right away.

The Electric Current Passes Through Wires To The Power Lock Actuator

The electric current passes through wires to the power lock actuator. The solenoids are controlled by the power lock actuator, controlling rods and cables connected to each door latch mechanism. The lock actuator is the central part of the locking system, which is connected to a motor and electronic boards. When you push down or pull up on your car’s door handle, it activates an electric switch that starts your vehicle’s power door lock actuator.

When the power lock actuator is activated, it sends an electric current to a solenoid. The solenoid moves a rod, starting a latch on your car’s doors. It allows you to lock or unlock your vehicle’s doors using the handle or buttons inside your car.

The Power Door Lock Actuator Has Solenoids

A solenoid is an electromagnet that is activated by an electric current. The power door lock has solenoids that control rods and cables connected to each door latch mechanism. When the solenoid’s unit receives its electrical charge, it pulls or pushes the rods and lines so they move the door latch mechanism (the rod opens or closes). The door can now lock or unlock depending on which way you have chosen for your vehicle.

If you need to replace your power lock actuator, remember that many different types of vehicles exist. It will be essential to check your owner’s manual and our guide before beginning this project to ensure you are purchasing the right part for your particular car!

The first step is to remove the door panel. To find out how to do this, please check our article on power door actuator replacement for more information. After removing the board, please take note of where all the wires are located inside so that you can replace them in their correct locations when installing your new unit.


In summary, the door lock actuator is the mechanism that controls your car’s locks. It consists of electrical components and moving parts connected. When you push down or pull up on the door handle, it activates an electrical switch that activates the door lock actuator. The electric current passes through wires to the power door lock actuator, which has solenoids that control rods and cables connected to each door latch mechanism.

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